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If you are like millions of other homeowners, you have some sort of flower garden in your yard. The flowers are likely to be native to your area and growing zone and can be purchased from many retailers in just about any state of the country. One thing that many with a flower garden try to accomplish is attracting butterflies to the flowers. There are some benefits to attracting the local butterfly population to your garden, but mostly they are just fun to watch. If you are looking to transform your flower garden into one that will bring all the butterflies, there are a couple things that you should understand about them first. Butterflies need the right plants for each of the stages of their life cycle. Insects will lay eggs in certain areas, while the caterpillars will need the right food to eat and then a place to form a chrysalides.

The best part about a butterfly is the beauty they add to a flower garden with all of the different sizes and colors. In order for adults to come around, it is necessary to have the nectar they are looking for in the first place. Things that are important to a garden if you want to bring the butterflies to it include native flowering plants of the right color and type for your area. Adult butterflies are attracted to red, yellow, orange, pink and purple blossoms mostly. They tend to prefer flat topped blossoms or ones that are clustered with short flower tubes. Throughout the entire growing season, butterflies are looking for nectar to feed on so one thing you might want to consider is planting flowers that will provide a continuous bloom throughout the summer months and into the beginning of fall.

Another thing to keep in mind if you are looking to attract butterflies to your yard is that you should not be using any sort of insecticide. Most of them that you can find at the store are marketed to kill insects and will be lethal to the butterfly when it is in the caterpillar stage. If you have nectar producing flowers that is a good way to get the adults into your yard, but if you want to take it a step further you can provide flowers and plants for all of the stages of life. Having the right plants for food when the caterpillar is hungry is essential for keeping the butterfly around for its entire life cycle. Some of the plants that caterpillars will feed on include lupine, milkvetch, cudweed, parsley, fennel, sedges, wild black cherry, citrus, gas plant and gooseberry. The list is quite long, but these are some of the more common.

What many people might not know about butterflies is that they need the warmth to fly and to a place to rest from flying. They are cruising around in the sky most of the day, so if you have a flower garden, add some flat rocks so they have someplace to land and rest and warm their wings in the sun. Butterflies use the sun to orient themselves, so most of the plants and flowers that you grow should be ones that can stand a good amount of the sunlight in your area. Butterflies also like to gather where there is a little bit of water. The often gather on wet sand or mud to “puddle” or drink water to get the minerals they need to survive. If you want to make a “natural” area for them to “puddle”, you can put some wet sand into a pan and then lay the pan into an open area of your flower garden.

Just like the fact that the butterflies need to have the warmth of the sun, it only makes sense that you plant the flowers that can handle the sun as well. Many annuals in the colors listed above will provide plenty of nectar for your butterfly garden, but if you can get a few perennials planted that always come back that is a good thing as well. Remember that even though you want to have plants that caterpillars eat, they are not going to do the same type of leaf damage that other insects might.

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A wedding can be a very beautiful thing. A funeral can be very sad, yet majestic in a way. There is one thing that can make both better in terms of the emotions of those attending. Painted Lady Butterflies can be released at both events giving those that attend a boost whether happy or sad. If you have not heard of a butterfly release, the odds are that you are not alone. Painted Lady Butterfly releases are popular in some areas of the country and are done all the time. In some parts of the country, residents are lucky to see a handful of butterflies each year. Just like with any other company out there, those that breed and provide butterflies for events like weddings or funerals, provide a unique service that anyone can enjoy. The Painted Lady butterfly is pretty to look at and generally is ready to fly once the box is opened.

For a wedding, the bride and groom can release the butterflies when they are ready, or they can be given to the guests to release them at certain times throughout the event. Butterflies will typically fly to bouquets of flowers or even land on the guests, giving them something pretty to look at. There are companies that you can look up online that will show you the entire process from the point you place an order for your butterflies to when they are released at your event. The system is quite interesting and will certainly be the talk of your event by those that have never heard of such a thing. Typically, butterfly release companies are also the ones that breed and raise the butterflies. This gets you the best prices possible for your butterflies keeping the cost of your event down.

An old legend about butterflies says that if you wanted a wish to come try, one would have to capture a butterfly and whisper the wish to it. Butterflies make no sounds and the theory behind the legend is that is a good thing, that way they cannot tell your secret. The traditional Indian butterfly release is still done by some to this day. The typical butterfly used in this type of situation is the Painted Lady Butterfly. They are a larger butterfly, reaching 3 inches across and are easily identified by black and white corners of the wings. The wings appear mainly dark orange and spotted to some degree. Typically you cannot find any dots within the orange areas of the butterfly. In general, the Painted Lady Butterfly can live up to 4 weeks. There are a couple different types of Painted Lady butterflies, but for the most part they all share same characteristics.

Many thinking about getting butterflies shipped to their home are probably wondering the same thing. What do I do when the butterflies arrive? With most companies that will ship your butterflies, there are instructions in the box that they come in. They are shipped inside styrofoam boxes, inside an envelope with an ice pack as well. The ice pack is so the butterflies stay dormant while they are waiting to be released. It would be wise to have an ice pack ready before you place your order, because you will have to place yours in the box when they arrive. Butterflies should not go into the refrigerator when they arrive. Simple replace the ice pack and keep the lid loose for ventilation. The best time to have them shipped is during warm weather months and as close to the event as possible. If you have the guests release them, it is important to be doing that as soon as you can.

The two most common ways to release them are mass and single release. They are self explanatory in the name, but some companies might offer you more options for the release of your butterflies. Once released, they will fly around looking for flowers to attach to. Doing a single release can give the wedding party something to do and allows for group participation. The main thing to remember is that it must be 70 degrees or hotter in order for the butterflies to take off from the decorative box.

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Butterflies are a mesmerizing creation of nature. The little ones filled with vibrant colors, swaying around you is a pleasure to watch. Butterfly release at special occasions is an upcoming fashion that adds color and serenity to the events, leaving your guests with an entirely new experience along with a long lasting memory of your special event. Let it be a wedding, an anniversary, a funeral or any other special occasion, releasing butterflies adds on a special grace and elegance to the whole event.

Butterfly Release For All Occasions
Making your wedding the most special is a dream for all, and adding a butterfly release can help you realize that dream. Upon release, the butterflies will fly around beautifully, leaving a smile on the face of each and every guest. Usually the butterflies are released during the bride and groom exit ceremony, welcoming them to a new life of togetherness filled with color and vibrancy. Wedding butterflies can be released in mass or individually as per your wish. The bride and groom releases the bunch of butterflies while some choose individual release, where each guest is given an envelope with the brides and grooms name on it and a butterfly awaiting to be released.

Butterflies are not released at just weddings, you can make any other occasion unique with butterfly release. On anniversary celebrations the release will be a memorable one, welcoming more colors on to your life. Where as in funerals or memorials as an honor to your loved one, symbolizing them flying off into a better place. Graduation celebration is another perfect moment for their release symbolizing a colorful future.

Getting A Butterfly Release For Your Special Event
Having a butterfly release is as simple as purchasing anything else. Our butterflies are carefully packaged and shipped on time to ensure they arrive on time, alive, and beautiful. Choose the type of release you want to have and place an order for the package that best suites you along with the exact address. They will reach your venue on time to brighten up the whole event.

Choice Of Butterfly
We offer you two different varieties of butterfly, the monarch butterfly and the painted lady butterfly. The monarch butterflies are the most preferred as they fly around you gracefully posing better for the photos. They have a wingspan of 10cm, which gives them the elegance to sway around. The painted lady butterflies are smaller in size and may need more in number when compared to the monarch’s, for the same effect.

Every order comes with easy and simple ‘to follow’ instructions which ensures care for your butterflies and tips to enhance the appearance of the release. Along with these, we provide you with decorated boxes or individual envelopes as per your choice of release making the release more beautiful.

Butterfly Care
There are some simple steps to keep your butterflies safe until the time of release. When the butterflies reach you, they will be in large protective boxes with ice packs within them, creating a colder temperature and thus allowing the butterflies to hibernate as they would during winter, in order to keep them calm. Remove the ice packs refreeze them, place them again in the large box and keep them in a dark place. Make sure that the place is not hot and never keep them long in a hot car. Two or three hours before the release take off the ice packs, keep them in shade giving the butterflies a chance to warm up. Most importantly never release them after sunset, as it will be hard for them to find food and shelter.
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