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About the Monarch Butterfly

As ubiquitous as it is beautiful, the Monarch butterfly is one of the most social and fearless butterflies in existence. Their bright, bold colors create a beautiful display wherever they go. Since they're social creatures, they're happy to land on you and your guests while also being attracted to bright colors and flowers, so don't be surprised if they decide to make the location of their release a permanent home!

How Long do They Live?

In favorable environmental conditions, non migratory Monarchs can live between two and eight weeks and the availability of nectar. Migratory Monarchs-- those that emerge from their chrysalis in late summer-- have considerably longer lifespans, up to nine months! If you live in a warmer climate, don't be surprised if they start overwintering in your garden, during this phase of their lives, they can live for as long as nine months!

Climate Conditions

Monarchs are cold blooded creatures, meaning that if it's cool outside they will become sleepy and start to go dormant. However as things warm up, they become lively and animated, fluttering around and interacting with their environment. Keep this in mind if you're planning a butterfly release for weddings-- Monarchs require around sixty to seventy degrees to feel comfortable enough to fly.

What Will Happen After Release?

Depending on how close it is to winter when you have your butterfly release, your butterflies may elect to stay in the area or migrate southwards towards Mexico.

If released during the spring-summer months, you can expect you'll have a beautiful butterfly garden for the rest of the year as these majestic creatures make their homes and lives where they were released, depending on the availability of food such as lilac, milkweed, goldenrod or even discarded fruits such as bananas and oranges!

Those butterflies that are released later in the year will start to migrate towards their native home of Mexico when the days begin to shorten. They'll make their way to overwinter in large colonies full of beautiful butterflies in warm climates, traveling thousands of miles. After this phase, they'll start homeward, spreading their progeny and helping to repopulate their species.

Where do Monarch Butterflies Make Their Homes?

Monarchs can be found throughout the USA, southern Canada and warm climates such as Central and South America, some Mediterranean countries and other warm areas where they've been introduced, but that doesn't mean it's the only place they'll stay. Some colonies have been identified in places like New York, Maine and others where conditions are less than ideal.

Though you'll also find them in southern California, these beautiful creatures are happy to make their homes in places where food and warmth are in abundance, however their migration patterns have shown that they'll come from all over to overwinter in a warm climate.

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