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About the Painted Lady Butterfly

Slightly smaller than a Monarch butterfly, the Painted Lady may be the most widespread butterfly in the world; it makes its home in places all over North and South America, Europe, Asia and even Africa. In fact, the only place it can't be found is in Antarctica! They're a beautiful option when considering a butterfly release for weddings and other special events.

Contrasting the ubiquitous Monarch butterfly for popularity during a wedding butterfly release, these majestic creatures are every bit as colorful and friendly as their cousins, giving you and your guests a show they'll never forget.

How Long do They Live?

Similar to the Monarch butterfly, they live for around three weeks, however those from colder parts of the world will migrate southwards towards warmer conditions and overwinter before returning. That doesn't mean they won't stick around, however. They're robust creatures that will have no problem making their new homes in a place with plenty of access to clover nectar and sweet thistle.

Climate Conditions

Like most butterflies, Painted Ladies prefer warmer climates when available. Being cold blooded makes them particularly drowsy and inactive in cold conditions, however they can make their homes in just about any climate so long as it's conducive to their preferred food sources.

What Will Happen After The Release?

After conducting any wedding butterfly release, your new painted ladies will explore their environment, interacting with your guests and nearby flowers as they get their bearings. Over the next several hours you'll enjoy the company of your butterfly release and eventually the butterflies will start to find shelter and over the next several weeks they'll start their lives in the release area, brightening it with their beautiful colors!

When the days begin to grow shorter, the Painted Lady butterfly will start to migrate southwards for warmer climates where it will overwinter and successive generations will return to brighten your life once more!

While they're in the area, they'll feed clover, nectar and thistle (this why they have the moniker 'thistle butterfly') and other flowers while mating and producing the next generations for you to enjoy. In no time at all, you'll be treated to springs of color fluttering through the sky as these beautiful creatures make their new homes, a lasting monument to your commitment or memorial of the special event that included a butterfly release!

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