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How Butterfly Releases Work

Liven up Your Event!

Since all our butterflies are delivered via overnight service, you'll receive your order the day before your event. The box will be carefully packed and insulated with cooling packs to keep your release butterflies in a sleepy state so they don't hurt themselves during the journey. Since each individual butterfly is in a carefully designed package that helps protect it, you won't need to do anything special to prepare them for your guests, you merely need to store the shipping container in a cool location such as a basement until a couple of hours before the event.

Your butterflies will come to you pre-fed and ready for release, if you plan to perform a mass release, you can add them to a mass release cage or for an individual release, place the butterfly packets in a basket in a warm, bright area that isn't in direct sunlight in preparation for the release.

Conducting a Release

Whether you opt for the popular individual release or the mass release, you'll want to handle them with care, but you can be assured that your butterflies will be ready when you are since they're shipped in sturdy transport envelopes that are easy for guests to open.

Conducting a mass release requires a little more preparation but is no more difficult than having your guests do the release themselves; with a number of mass release butterfly options available, you won't have to work hard to make your special memory. All of our butterflies are carefully packaged to prevent injury even with mass release!

How Much Work Do You Need To Do?

You have a lot to take care of as it is which is why we make it easy for you to perform a butterfly release for weddings, anniversaries or other special events. Our individually nurtured butterflies are fed, gently packaged and cooled with care in order to ensure they arrive safe and sound and, when you're ready to have your butterfly release, they're ready to fly!

How Soon Should I Place My Order?

We all know how sudden situations can pop up and that there isn't always enough time to get everything together before the big event which is why we're set up to take your order with as little as 24 hours notice. However, if at all possible it's best to make a reservation as far ahead of time as you can in order to ensure your butterflies will be available. In order to ensure your butterflies will be available, it's best to give us a call or email us to check availability!

How Many Should I Order?

If you're planning to do an individual butterfly release and your budget allows, one butterfly per guest would be recommended. However, if your budget is tight and you still want to bring the majesty of a butterfly release to your special event, we would recommend one butterfly for every other guest. For some events it can be hard to predict exactly how many guests you'll have, but generally one for every close member of the family or friend is usually best.

Thinking about a mass butterfly release? Two to three dozen makes for a beautiful display of color and warmth without destroying your budget!

Ready to Make Your Event Unforgettable?

If you've any questions don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email!

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