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Is Releasing Butterflies Okay?

Though there's no question that releasing butterflies can make a beautiful moment even more memorable, you (or your guests) may have concerns that your release might effect the lives of your butterflies or even the environment around you.

Don't Worry!

The truth of the matter is that releasing butterflies is not only safe, it's an environmentally healthy alternative to balloons, rice or confetti. Butterflies don't have to be cleaned up afterwards; they don't leave chemicals in the form of latex or plastic laying about that can poison birds and ground based animals should they eat it; they actually benefit considerably from being released!

Hand reared butterflies are just as robust as their wild counterparts and can find homes in any part of the world where weather isn't frigid. They retain their migratory instincts that allows them to find shelter and migrate during winter. Not only will your released butterflies be healthy and well prepared to survive in the wild, they'll actually be helping the local population!

Wild Butterflies are on a Gradual Decline

Unfortunately, because of destruction of their natural habitat, many species of butterfly are in decline, mostly due to low birth rates. This makes conducting a butterfly release for weddings or other special events not only a beautiful display but a great way to help repopulate the local butterfly population!

Many butterfly breeding hobbyists and sensationalist news reports are quick to say that by releasing hand nurtured butterflies into the wild, you're introducing rampant diseases to wild populations of butterflies but put quite simply this could not be further from the truth!

The Truth to the Myths

Not only have there been a multitude of studies on the subject showing that wild populations only grew because of the addition of captive-released butterflies, their genetic pools were in no way adversely affected and even after several generations, no problems between interbreeding were found!

Some will bemoan the fact that, when released during summer-spring season, most butterflies won't migrate. This is true, but they do continue their life cycles wherever they were released. They continue to breed and will become a local fixture!

This makes butterfly release a great way to help your local butterfly population as well as a way to introduce them to your community, even your back yard, as a constant source of beauty and pleasure!

Since butterflies released into the wild not only adapt and thrive, but express the deepest reaches of your devotions, hopes and wishes, the question really isn't whether or not you should release butterflies, but why you haven't already!

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